The Hill of Tara, Ireland.

The Hill of Tara, Ireland.


Praise Shaddai שדי

Shaddai: Holy mountain
Holy mound
Breast of nurture

Shaddai: Holy name
You are the mound
Of love and lust
Darkness and mystery
In ecstasy
You are
The ground of our beginnings. 

Shaddai, holy mound
From which we are born
In a dramatic process of pain and joy. 

Holy breast
Nurturing us from our earliest days
When we were tender and helpless
We found you
And you suckled us
Protected us
Until we could stand on our own. 

And o Shaddai,
On days when we feel so small again
Are our shield, holding us in darkness, until we can arise again. 

Holy mountain
Seen from the distance
We ascend you as pilgrims
Our journey tells us our own story
Old and new
Yet only known through our own footsteps, our material life, the cells of our body. 
There is wisdom that only comes, not from the world of Ideas, but from the body, the Mound. 

Shaddai, holy mountain
Your trickling streams and rushing rivers
Bring waters to quench our thirst
Revitalise us, purify and renew us
To face another day
Of this often difficult life. 

Shaddai, holy body
Ours reflects yours
We join in love
We grow large with holy mounds of our own, giving birth, and nurturing life as You do. 

Shaddai, holy mound
When this physical life passes on
We are buried in your holy Earth
Returning to you again. 


1 October 2013 / 27 Tishrei 5774