Shiviti Asherah l’negdi tamid.  I set this One-of-Joy before me, all ways.

Shiviti Asherah l’negdi tamid. I set this One-of-Joy before me, all ways.

Praise Asherah

for She has delivered me
to my Olam haBa of
joy and contentment.

Praise Asherah
Who works steadily in the background,
working with me,
in all I ask of She-of-Happiness.

O Asherah
I committed to you
and took your name to myself,
to live You.
Hineini: Here I am, Malkah/Queen, your daughter:
Ashirah bat Asherah: I-Shall-Sing, Daughter of She-Is-Joy

O Asherah: Smiling Lady, Bountiful One
offering all earthly delights
of home, nourishment, comfort, and ecstasy.

O Asherah: I renounce these ways inculcated by the patriarchy: my doubting, my forgetting you, for,

i knew you as a child and now come to you again.

Upon my plea I see you smiling at me
and offering bounty,
as ever.

O Asherah,
ever-present one,
cornucopia of Earth’s bounty and blessing,
may I always set you before me,
face to Face.

O Asherah, may your malachim/messengers remind me
of you when I, human, forget.
When I, a human trapped in time
become impatient
for it is but a cloud covering your Face
a cloud of discouragement and regret.
These clouds, in Your time,
you disperse
You shine your Face upon me once more.

Thank you, for your teshuva,
and may I follow in your ways.

O Asherah
I renew my covenant with You,
my sweet, powerful, abundant, wise Goddess.


10 July 2016/4 Tamuz 5776


Faces of Asherah

O Asherah!
You reveal your Faces to me
and fill me with wisdom of your ways.
O Joyful One:
Your path is bright
with happiness.
O She Who Walks Upon Water:
Your path floats above the deep.
You are eagle-eye vision,
ease of movement,
beauty, mystery upon the waters…
Like ripples, like reflections, like mist
are You.
O Sacred Tree:
Branching into the heavens,
Rooting into earth:
You know the gestational power of darkness
and the ways of air and light.
Home to Sarah, Teacher to Abraham,
you call me to know wisdom in your groves.


2 October 2014/8 Tishri 5775